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New Product! PTFE Chain Lube

New product alert!

We are delighted to bring you the latest product to our range: PTFE Chain Lube!

How can our Chain Lube change your riding experience? How is our Chain Lube different to all the other Chain Lubes on the market?

Well, as you know with our entire range, we make sure that every product we develop is focused on improving your cleaning, riding and overall maintenance experience.

Our PTFE Chain Lube is a multi-purpose, penetrating chain lubricant containing PTFE. It is a non-toxic and de-watering lubricant, specially developed for use on chains, gears & bearings. Uniquely designed to suit all bike types, whether off-road (including Quads), road or cycle/MTB, it protects the chain, gears & bearings by leaving a micro-film on the components which helps to repel water/dirt. We have had this product tested by a wide range of riders in different disciplines, and even by Motocross riders on the notorious sand tracks in the likes of Holland/Belgium. The results? Incredible. Due to the level of PTFE that our lube contains, NOTHING sticks to it! So, if you are tired of dry, rattly chains then this is one product to try!

‘We have been using this for a while now and found it to be awesome. Full weekend of racing without touching the chain, nothing sticks to it, you pull in after 20 mins on a sand track, spin the back wheel and it still spins freely! No more dry, rattly trains for us!’ – Trialist feedback via Facebook.

It also contains friction modifiers, reducing the amount of friction massively. More friction = more traction = more speed! We’re not Einstein’s but I think you will all agree how much that can enhance your racing. Not only that, our Chain Lube also contains anti-wear additives, providing longer life and performance to one of the most important components of your ride.

Wait, there’s more?! Our Chain Lube is specially designed to suit all extreme weather conditions, giving you a temperature range from -50°c to 180°c. Now if you are riding below 50, we must question your sanity. If you are over 180, are you a Dreamliner? Also, the bottle comes with a twist-lock lid, giving you full control during application, whilst minimising losing lube if you drop it!

It could not be any easier to use. We must tell you that it is incredibly durable. It can last you a whole race weekend without having to re-lube and even our Bike Wash will not remove it! Until you specifically degrease your chain (with our Drivetrain Cleaner), the lube will remain in your chain links. It may appear to be stringy/thick, but just simply after a weekend worth of racing and cleaning, re-lube the chain and leave it at least 12 hours to soak into the chain links, once it is in, it is IN!

Curious to try? Head over to our PTFE Chain Lube page to check it out, we also have a how-to-use video on there for you!



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