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New Product! Snow Foam

By now we are sure that you have seen our latest product Snow Foam on our social media pages, but if you are curious to find out more about the product, then keep on reading!

Using a specific Snow Foam product is slightly different to a normal Bike Wash/Vehicle Wash/Aqua Wash. Most companies sell a Snow Foam product as a ‘pre-wash treatment’, before then using another wash product! Unfortunately, these products are essentially 98% water, with extra foaming components to mix with the water pressure giving your bike/vehicle/watercraft a ‘covered in foam appearance’. The problem is that these products contain hardly any cleaning power, meaning it is just the water pressure cleaning your ride which we all know isn’t effective. You can notice this straight away by how quick the product runs down as oppose to adhering directly to the surface.

All the above is the exact opposite for our Snow Foam product, developed with cleaning power first, before providing you with the full ‘Snow Foam effect’. Developing our Bike Wash/Vehicle Wash/Aqua Wash product into our Snow Foam provides you with the exact same cleaning power you would receive using our original products – cleaning your ride without providing any harm to your aluminium, anodising or most importantly your parts, and still remaining the only cleaner that will remove sand and clay stains!

Better yet, we have made two critical improvements to this product. Firstly, our product is naturally high foaming, however, we have increased this element massively, ensuring that your bike/vehicle/watercraft surface will have full coverage with thick Snow Foam that adheres to the surface and does what it is supposed to! Also, we have added another element to this product which gets it under the surface layer of dirt quicker to speed up your cleaning process, giving you a rapid and effective deep clean!

Curios how to use it?

Available as both 1L & 5L concentrated products, you have two options of use. Firstly, whatever your pressure washer is, simply search online to find the Snow Foam lance attachment for your correct pressure washer. With our product, you can either fill your lance attachments container directly with the product, or alternatively, our 1L bottle should screw straight on to your attachment! Simple as that!

Suitable for use on your off-road or road bike, all vehicles and even your watercrafts, our latest product is flying off the shelves and if you have seen our recent post on our media pages, it is also suitable for cleaning your kids!

If you get your hands on our latest product then feel free to tag us in on our media pages!



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